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We're just exploring the tip of the iceberg over here at Connexion when it comes to augmented reality. There are old hat, easy tricks like QR codes - but when not properly executed they feel bumpy, and run the risk of poor execution.
The far more exciting future has to do with augmented reality - where you're electronic device automatically interacts with the printed world around it to create a true 1+1=3 environment. We have some emerging technology partners that are hungry for some guinea pigs - if you're interested, let us know!

Now THIS is cool.
This organization came up with a book that doubles as a filtration systems for people at high risk of water contamination. First they read about issues concerning water purity, and then they use the book to fix it.
Told you paper was cool.

Back last Valentine's day we got a crazy idea to put together a Thank You for our customers that looked like an old-school love note that we used to pass around in class. Not only did it get highlighted on Fold Factory (see but we just won Best of Category at the Oregon Advertising Awards for Self Promotional Material. Neat!

One of my absolute favorite projects that we get to be involved with is the publication that Visit Bend puts out annually touting the tourist mecca that is my home town. This 96 page beauty is full of seriously excellent photography (which makes the printer in me giddy), and tons of useful info (which makes the serious part of my brain stand up and take notice). Click on the link to get your copy today - if you're a Bend resident, it's a great bragging tool, and if you don't live here, pack your bags. I'm betting after a look through the guide you're going to want to come and visit!

Congrats to my buddy Tony Querio - his label design for Backporch's Cold Brew Coffee made it into Marrow Magazine. We've done a couple of projects for Backporch and I've always appreciated the minimalist design that they employ to focus the attention on the product and their message. Also, keeping things in black sure keeps the production costs down!

I really dig Steven Heller’s contributions to the “imprint” design blog. His latest comments on the birth of the Nike Swoosh and the old images that he dug up are a fun distraction for the day.

Connexion is so excited to be a part of Bend WebCAM for the third year in a row. If you haven’t checked out this amazing annual conference that the Advertising Federation of Central Oregon puts on, you should – world class speakers, great networking, mind blowing take-aways, so worth the time spent.

Heartbreaking is all I can say. I was so looking forward to the $100 bill – it had so many cool new security features and complex printing technology going down. 3-D Security Ribbon, color shifting denominations, hidden watermarks – oh so neat. Turns out it was too complex to print – only printed up $110 billion dollars worth before giving up. Talk about expensive make-ready.

We in the world of print are completely and totally enamored with QR codes. A lot of friends and colleagues feel that these physical hyperlinks are a great way to make printing relevant in a hyper-connected age, and I’ve got to agree. Here’s an article a techy would love about why the rapidly increasing implementation of QR codes will start to have an impact on how the hipsters manage their SEO.

Gordon Pritchard writes a great blog called Quality in Print. If you don't follow it, you should. Here's an example of why - these are some great shots and examples of the different types of misregistration possible on a printing run, what they look like and what causes them. Invaluable Printing 101.